Thinking of Selling Your Home?! Top 10 Best Kept Secrets!

It’s spring or at least that’s what the calendar says, despite the actual temperature outside and the fact that we still have our pellet stove running.  Spring brings a lot of things with it including the perfect time to prepare your home for prime selling season: summer!  We love this article from HGTV about that 10 Best Kept Secret for Selling Your Home.  If you’re thinking of selling your home this summer, get ready now!  Don’t wait for last minute.

Some of the points from the article that we’ve seen make or break listings include:

1) Pricing it right:  It’s the difference between getting your home sold in 5 days or 50 days.  for-sale-sold-propertyHow do you get it priced appropriately?  That’s where we come in!  The right realtor wants to get your home sold fast and for the best possible price.  Our job is to do a competitive market analysis, which means we compare your home to all homes sold within your neighborhood in the past 6 months and we compare.  We compare their pros and cons to your pros and cons and their selling price.  Then we price it.  We recently had a home that people kept telling us was priced too high, but we had done our homework and knew we were right.  It received an offer in 5 days.  However, we’ve also had homes where clients want to price it much higher than we believe it will sell for.  The home sits on the market for months.  It’s important to have a realistic, open conversation about the price of your home with your realtor.

2) Take the home out of your house: While difficult to do, de-personalizing your home is always helpful to a potential buyer.  They stop seeing you living in the home and start seeing themselves.  Hiring a home stager is always helpful, but an experienced realtor can help you with this too.  This includes de-cluttering closets.  Take out 1/2 of your things in the closets and put it in storage. Buyers want to see ample storage space, not cluttered storage.

3) The kitchen comes first:  For many of our clients when we send them pictures of homes on the market, the first thing they look at is the kitchen.  It can be the deciding factor in a client’s decision to even go see a home.  If you are thinking about putting any money into anything, put it into renovating your kitchen!

4) The first impression is the only impression:  The pictures you put online matter.  Be sure that there’s no mess, dishes in the sink and all beds are made.  Also, maintain this look in order to show your home.

A potential buyer could want to see your home at the drop of a hat and that means making sure the dishes are done and beds are made.  Again, buyers want to see themselves living in the home, not you.

5) While not in the article, we’d add: be prepare to show your home at any time:  One of the things that keeps homes on the market for long periods of time is that the sellers only have short windows when they’d like to see their home.  For example, Mondays and Thursdays only from 12pm-2pm.  It’s unrealistic.  You should make your home as readily available as possible to let as many clients in as possible.

All of these points come down to one thing: hiring the right realtor.  The Harrison Realty Team gives you 2 realtors with ample experience to evaluate and prepare your home.  We’re your right choice!

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