Meet Krystal!

me2I’m excited and thrilled to officially be business partners with Jason.  I’ve met many of you already and am looking forward to everyone else! What I’ve been learning quickly is that the real estate business is one of emotions.  Whether you’re excited and nervous about buying your first home, sad about leaving behind the home you raised your children in, anxious to find the home that you’re going to raise your children in or ready for  a fresh, new start; there’s one thing that’s always consistent, that you want to get it right.

Getting it right carries many definitions.  You want to financially get it right.  You want to find the floor plan that feels right.  You want the neighborhood that you feel comfortable living in.  Or whatever “getting it right” means to you and that’s why we’re here.  Many of you have already closed on a home with Jason & I hope he “got it right.”  Together, Jason & I will continue to work with all of our clients to find out what “getting it right” means to you and we’ll work to get you what you deserve.  With two people brainstorming, researching and always being available, we’re determined and aimed to get your goals met.

That’s exactly why I’m excited to start this business, because it’s about you and getting what you your dreams met.  To tell you a little about me, I’ve had various paths in my life and each time I’ve been chasing a dream.  I grew up in Newington.  I was a dancer and attended a performing arts high school.  I went on to receive my degree in Dance from the University of the Arts.  After graduating, I performed with a regional dance company and taught.  I continue to still teach on a much smaller scale today.

1928285_504667904877_6493_n(I’m the one leaning back in one of the company performances in 2007)

It was a dream that I wanted, loved and had my time with.  I’ve also always wanted a family.  When I met Jason and we got married and had our son, we began a dream together of creating a family.  We’re consistently tweaking that dream.  Are we living in the right town?  Do we build onto our current home or sell and buy a new one?  Should we have two kids or more?  Is one dog enough?  Did we invest in the right college savings plan for our kids?


(on our wedding day in 2012)

Overall, we’re on the same path as you….to find that feeling of contentment, that feeling of “getting it right.”  If you’re currently in the home buying/selling process, know that we’re aiming for that feeling for you.  If you’ve recently finished the process, I hope that when friends or family are looking for a home or you’re in the next phase of your life and need a new home, you’ll think of the Harrison Realty Team to “get it right” for you.

I look forward to getting to know all of you more and having you get to know me.  Please keep following us here on our website and Facebook page for new, constant updates and tricks of the trade.  Thanks for being a part of our team!

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