Turn that June Gloom Right Around!

Anyone feeling June Gloom today on this rainy Monday?   Allow us to help you turn that right around!

I don’t know about you, but every time it rains or snows I always think “I’ve got to get something for our boots!”  I hate seeing the rain and mud transfer from our boots into our house.  Nothing ever really pans out.  Mats don’t work because even though we wipe our feet, the snow will melt and an hour later, I see a puddle next to our shoes.  I can’t put boots on a rack because they’ll just leak onto the other shoes.  I’ve seen boot trays but they’re always really ugly….that is, until now!  We love this idea for a DIY River Rock Boot Tray.  

Credit to: bloglovin.com
Credit to: bloglovin.com

Not only does it collect all of the mud, water and guck that comes in with your boots, but it also is stylish, cheap and a great diy craft for this rainy day.  Here are the directions.  Share a photo with us if you try it!

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