Tip Tuesday: Photos that Sell Your Home

Thinking of Selling Your Home?  The first thing any potential buyer sees is the photos of your home online.  That’s why you’ll want to make sure they’re the best they can be.  The first impression is the only impression.  You can always hire a photographer to professionally do this for you and they’ll do a great job!  However, if that’s not another added expense that you’re willing to take on then with these few tips you can save the money and still take quality photos.

Our top 5 tips for your real estate photos:

Let us preface this by saying that with the Harrison Realty Team as your agent, we will always go in and take the photos for you or work with you to take the photos to be sure that they really are as great as they can be.

1) Start now.  You might be thinking, “I’m not listing my house right now, I don’t have to read this.”  Maybe you’ll want to list it early next Spring?  Well, take your photos now!  Early spring in 2015 saw snow!  Take photos of the inside and outside of your home throughout the year to show how its looks throughout the seasons.  Summer is the best time to take photos because it offers the most sun, color and highlights the beautiful condition of your yard.

2) Toilet seats down!  Towels folded on the towel rack!  You want to make every part of your home look decluttered.  This includes the bathroom and a toilet seat lifted could ruin the cleanliness look of the photos of your bathroom.  Instead of being wowed by your vanity, potential buyers will be distracted by the lifted toilet seat.

3) Speaking of decluttering….that means the kitchen, bedrooms and every room!  Put all of the dishes away, fold all of the clothes away in their drawers and find proper storage for everything stacked away in that basement.  Your goal is to make your home look like it has endless space.  Showing pictures with clutter will completely distract buyers.

4) No photobombs.  Our dog is a member of our family, but he would never be in any of our real estate photos.  Your shouldn’t be either.  Neither should the baby, grandma, or anyone else that may be around.

5) Take the personalization out of it.  Home buyers are trying to see themselves in a potential new home.  Take the baby toys away, put the coats in the closet, and take the pictures off of the wall for your photos.  Show buyers that they can personalize the home any way they’d like.

Here’s a great infographic to help you with the technical side of taking good photos.

Take a good photo with these tips! Photo Credit: blog.househuntnetwork.com
Take a good photo with these tips!
Photo Credit: blog.househuntnetwork.com

Have you taken a good photo of your home that you’re proud of?  Share it with us!

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