Tip Tuesday: House Problem Signs

Looking for homes can be a tricky process especially when you’re looking to see if the home is safe and structurally sound.  Luckily, in CT, you are entitled to a home inspection and the right to back out of a contract and get your deposit back should a home inspection come back unsatisfactory.  However, there are things to look for that can help you in determining if the home is a money pit even before you put an offer in.  Here’s a great checklist to take with you on your next home viewing.

Photo Credit: http://www.housemixblog.com/2013/12/05/moving-part-3-problems-to-look-for-when-buying-a-house-checklist/
Photo Credit: http://www.housemixblog.com/2013/12/05/moving-part-3-problems-to-look-for-when-buying-a-house-checklist/

What’s not included on here is anything about the appliances.  Go ahead and turn them on!  Try them out!  Do they work?  Also, what can get very costly are all of the mechanicals in terms of furnace, boiler, central air, etc.  Luckily for you, when you work with the Harrison Realty Team you get a certified HVAC technician in Jason to help you determine if these things will be a problem!  Finally, getting a home with a well or septic system creates the need for additional inspections.  If the home owners have properly serviced the systems and you have proof of this  then it can be tempting to not get the inspections and save some money.  However, remember that pumping a septic system and inspecting it are two different things so while the home owners have pumped it when they should, they haven’t inspected it and in the long run, $250 for an inspection outweighs the $20,000 it could cost to have it fixed when something goes wrong.

Take this checklist with you on your next home viewing and let us know if it helped!

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