Hump Day Love: Pottery Piazza

I’m always looking for something new and interesting to do.  I’ve driven by Pottery Piazza in Plainville more times than I can count and have looked it up on their website potentially even more.  I know when we were getting married I looked into getting a platter there for guests signatures.  For Father’s Day, I’ve thought about getting a gift from there.  But I just never really took up the effort to go ahead and do it.  Well, I finally did and loved it!

pottery 1

I missed my god-daughter’s birthday party due to a wedding so I promised I would take her out to make up for it.  I gave her a couple of choices as to what we could do and she decided that she wanted to paint pottery.  I was really impressed by their giant selection of pieces.  They had platters, piggy banks, statues, words and they all ranged in size and price.  Pieces started at about $8 and went up from there.  I tried to keep us below $20 per piece.  Then you pay $4 per half hour of painting or $10 maximum for the day.

After picking out your piece, you get a paint tray that you can fill with colors of your choice and then you grab a seat at a table, let inspiration hit you and you paint!  It’s a fun, relaxed outing!  She just turned 8 and that was a great age for it.  Our son is 21 months and I don’t know that he could sit and paint a whole piece, but they do do pieces where you can have your child’s hand print on it and that might be a fun option in the future for a gift.  I must warn you that it does not come with instructions.  It’s very laid back so if you’re someone who needs rules or instructions to follow, that’s not really the experience I got.  It truly is a “let the inspiration hit you” type of event.  Don’t compare it to the ever so popular Paint Nights that are hitting bars everywhere.

Speaking of bars, there are some fun adult nights to try out!. They have Ladies Night and “Hot Date” Nights.  Those are kid free nights.  You bring the wine, they bring the paint!  So gather up your friends and significant other and head over to Pottery Piazza in Plainville!

A piggy bank for our boys (hey I never claimed to be good at painting!)
A piggy bank for our boys (hey I never claimed to be good at painting!)
Her creation for her family's living room mantle!
Her creation for her family’s living room mantle!

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