Tip Tuesday: A Change of Season Provides Benefits for Buyers

Photo Credit: http://homebuying.about.com/od/buyingahome/qt/BestDay2BuyHome.htm

The stigma is that the Spring and Summer are “prime” real estate seasons.  The truth is that while they are the seasons where inventory is normally higher and they do provide the best opportunities to show and view homes regarding weather, there are benefits to buying in the fall and winter.  

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t worry that Summer is almost over and you haven’t found a home to buy yet:

  1. Reasearch. According to Realtor.com’s research, buyers will find it easier to purchase a home in the months ahead due to a temporary reprieve from rising mortgage rates and easier access to credit.  
  2. Less competition.  Most families with school-aged children will want to have settled into a new home by the time school starts.  Therefore, the amount of buyers looking at homes is less, making homes more available.  Also, most people wait to look until the spring/summer because it is “high season” so the competition is all around lower.
  3. Availability of professionals.  Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Attorneys and Realtors are all more available in traditional “slow” seasons meaning that you get more personalized attention (with the Harrison Realty Team, you’ll always get that since you get two agents!) and everyone is more available for questions and assistance.
  4. ‘Tis the Season.  Around the holiday season is a great time to buy a home because everyone in general is in more of a giving and generous mood. Therefore, you could get a home for a lower price because “its the Christmas season.”  Also, few offers come in days before a Holiday because people are so busy.  Your offer wouldn’t be up against a lot of competition.
  5. Motivated sellers.  If you list your home in the winter its likely because you need to list it (i.e. relocating for a job) so a seller is more likely to negotiate in “off-seasons.”
  6. Bargain Prices.  Home prices are at an annual low in winter months.  You can get more house for less money.
  7. Seasonal Perspective.  Is the heat functioning well?  Will you get a lot of leaves from the trees?  How well do the neighbors clean their leaves and snow?  Does the town plow your street well?  How does my car handle the steep driveway in ice and snow?  All of these things are so important and in the spring and summer, we simply don’t have the answers.

Don’t get us wrong.  Moving in the spring/summer is of course easier than moving in the winter with mounds of snow, but the Fall and Winter do provide plenty of benefits so don’t give up yet because your dream home at your dream price may be right around the corner at a time when you least expect it.

Don’t forget to call the Harrison Realty Team for help in setting up your home search on Coldwell Banker Premiere Realtors Home Search Website.

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