Tip Tuesday: Your Final Walk-Through

Yeah!  It’s Closing Day!  We love those days just as much as you do.  All of the hard work, frustration, and anxiety of home buying is over and you get the keys.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing how excited and happy our clients are on closing day.

Before closing you are entitled to a final walk-through of your home.  Why?  This is your last chance to see any potential issues with the home and address them.  While a final walk-through can really be done at yours and the sellers convenience, our recommendation is to do it immediately before closing.  For example, if closing is at 11am, we would meet our clients at the home at 10am.  This is our recommendation and the common best practice because that way you really are seeing the home exactly the way the sellers left it.  If you did the walk-through the night before, things can still go wrong or the seller can take an appliance last-minute that they weren’t supposed to and you wouldn’t know it.  

The final walk-through is important and should you see anything, you need to bring those concerns with you to the Attorney’s office and have your Attorney address them with the sellers Attorney.  It’s not necessary for a Real Estate Agent to attend the closing, but Harrison Realty Team always will because we want to ensure that you are happy, comfortable and have assistance should an issue arise.  The final walk-through also gives you the opportunity to ensure that everything that was stated would be fixed after the inspection is in fact fixed.  We will always bring the property inclusions/exclusions list and verify that every appliance that was stated would be left was in fact left.

Besides just “walking-through” the home and checking off everything on the list, what else can you do and look for in a final walk-through?  Here’s a fantastic infographic to bring along with you to your final walk-through.

Photo Credit: http://www.househunt.com/news-realestate/what-to-check-on-a-final-walk-through/
Photo Credit: http://www.househunt.com/news-realestate/what-to-check-on-a-final-walk-through/

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