Are you emergency ready?!

With the impending storm/hurricane looming, we thought we’d point you in the direction of a great DIY Emergency Preparation Kit.  Use this guide to create your own 5 Gallon Emergency Readiness Kit.  It includes general supplies, hygiene supplies and first aid supplies.

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What this bucket doesn’t include is food.  Sticking with things in jars/buckets, here’s a guide to create your own Food Supply Kit in a jar.  Have your kids help with this.  This could also be useful in long car rides or for camping!

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Finally, we can’t forget about our beloved fur-babies!  Here’s a how-to for creating a Pet First Aid bucket.  We’d include water, food, treats, and doggie poop bags in this bucket to round out their full readiness.

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Photo Credit:

Anything you would add to any of these buckets?  What do you do to prepare for a storm?

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