Hump Day Love: Big Sky Fitness

This week’s Hump Day Love is going out to Big Sky Fitness in Newington and New Britain (I’m sure they’re all great, but our knowledge only extends to those 2).  

It’s been 8.5 weeks since the birth of our 2nd second.  About 2 weeks ago I decided that I was ready to get back into the swing of things, so lucky me that at the exact same time I’m ready to begin getting that baby weight off, Big Sky ran a special for new memberships.

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I had been a Big Sky member in the past but left because I thought I wanted some “fancy” things in my gym like a sauna and pool.  However, after leaving and now going back, I realize that not only are those things unnecessary for me, but essentially a waste of money in how little I actually used them.  I’ve only been back 2 weeks and am already impressed and loving it.  Besides the fact that the gym is always clean, the front desk staff is always welcoming and there’s always enough room and machines to work-out on, I’m also blown away by the difference in fitness classes from one gym to another.  At the previous gym I was a member, I found the class schedule to be limiting and teachers to be uninviting.  I often left class frustrated rather than energized and motivated.  It’s the opposite at Big Sky.  Newington has a wide variety of fitness classes while New Britain has only the spin studio, but I find that I get a large variety and all at varying times.  I can always find a class and time that I want.  I’ve been doing spin and body pump classes to get my mix of cardio and strength training as I get back into the swing of things.  They’re challenging and motivating.  Every teacher I’ve had has their own unique way of pushing you to your own personal limit.  There’s not a one size fits all for the class and they take the time to show you different modifications.  I have yet to be in a class where I don’t see a wide range of ages and fitness levels.  Everyone works to their strengths and towards their own goals, making the classes motivating and not intimidating.  As a Mom, I appreciate knowing that I can go to an hour class and get a great work-out in because I don’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym.  Speaking of which, it’s also really convenient to be able to grab a protein shake on my way out the door.  Their shake bar has something for everyone…fat burning shakes, muscle-building shakes, etc.  It’s perfect when I work-out early in the morning; I grab a shake on my way out and then am home and ready to get my kids up and their day started.  Again, the bar is always clean and the staff is always friendly and really on top of things.

What I appreciated most was that after I signed up I got a hand-written welcome card in the mail from the staff member at the front desk who signed me up.  To know that someone took the time to hand-write me a letter simply to say “welcome” shows me that that’s how much this business cares about their customers.  How many businesses do you know that would  take the time to hand-write you a letter and not just send you a form email?

Overall, I’ve had such a great experience in the past 2 weeks as a member at this gym that I’m looking forward to my continued membership.  It’s been an energy boost, mood elevator, and a great way to get an hour to myself.

Are you a Big Sky member?  What’s your gym of choice?

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