Tip Tuesday: Be Sure This Halloween Is a Treat And Not a Trick For Your Pet

Trick or Treat!  Halloween is a few days away and there’s so much to think about.  Decorations.  Food Allergies.  Costumes.  Party Plans.  Etc, etc, etc.  But let’s not all forget that Halloween affects our pets greatly.

My sister's dog as a Candy Corn last Halloween
My sister’s dog as a Candy Corn last Halloween

Take these steps to ensure that this Halloween you’re pet friendly!

  1. Candy: Obviously chocolate is a complete no-no, but many other candies can prove dangerous as well.  Don’t take the unnecessary risk of offering your pet candy, but instead, be sure that you’re stocked with yummy pet treats.  You can even try your hand at these homemade pumpkin dog biscuits.  Even if you don’t give your pet candy, make sure that you throw all of the wrappers to your candy out!  Tin foil and cellophane can be very dangerous if swallowed so be sure to keep out of reach.
  2. Decorations: It’s always fun to decorate with real pumpkins, corn, and hay.  While those things aren’t toxic, they can be a source of a very upset stomach.  Also, decorations that make noises, produce dry ice or light up can create anxiety for pets.  Keep decorations out of reach.
  3. Trick or Treaters:  Whether you bring your pet out trick or treating with you or keep him/her home with you to hand out candy, there are important steps to take to keep them safe.  If you’re bringing them out, use brightly colored costumes or visibility vests/lights to keep them visible to others that are out.  If you’re staying home, keep them in a separate room, away from the chaos of trick or treaters.  Too many strangers can create anxiety as well.

Anything you’d add?

We hope that you, your family and pets all have a safe, fun, & happy Halloween!  Share your costume pictures with us!

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