Tip Tuesday: How to Save Cash While Going to Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays are a really special time and holiday season is about to kick off in full gear next Thursday, Thanksgiving.  There’s so much to remember for the Holidays that we often let one thing go very unnoticed; the amount of energy we’re using at holiday parties.  Beyond not being friendly to the Earth, what this also does is pull more cash out of our pockets.  Therefore, we’ve gathered together these tips on how to save energy this Thanksgiving and let the turkey be the only thing you’re gobbling up, not your cash!


A. Room Temperature:  The facts are that there are more people in your home and the oven will be on so your home will naturally be hotter.  Turn the thermostat low.  Also, if the room does get hot, open some windows rather than turn on any ceiling fans.

B. Cooking Tips: Opening the oven door to look at what’s cooking inside decreases the temperature inside, which in turn increases cooking time and energy.  Instead, turn on the oven light to see how your cooking is going.  Also, when cooking something on the stovetop, be sure that the size of your pot/pan matches appropriately to the size of the heating element.  A small pan on a large burner will waste energy.  Finally, don’t forget about your microwave!  Microwaves use about 50% less energy than your oven and they don’t make the whole room warm.  Use the microwave for steaming your favorite veggies.

C. Refrigerator/Freezer:  These kitchen appliances operate to their highest efficiency when the doors are kept closed for as long as possible.  Therefore, when going into the refrigerator/freezer try to think about everything that you’ll need and get as much as you need at one time because keeping the door open for a longer period of time is more efficient than continually opening and closing the door.

D. Dishwashing:  Plain and simple, skip hand washing your dishes because a dishwasher uses less energy and water.

We hope that these energy saving tips will help you this holiday season and above all, have a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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