Hump Day Love: Donut Crazy

Let me just re-live eating these donuts for a moment…mmmm…soo good!  This past weekend we had a very fun “Friends-giving” with a group of friends and one person brought donuts from Donut Crazy in Shelton.  It’s impossible to tell you how good these donuts are.  Can you say iced red velvet?  French toast?  Beyond the unique flavors, they are large, fluffy donuts and simply melt in your mouth.  It’s like eating a donut on the outside and an amazing homemade cake on the inside.  I wish I had personal pictures but we were so in love with savoring these donuts that we couldn’t think of anything else…except when we’re going to be taking a trip out to Shelton to get these donuts again!

Photo Credit to At least someone remembers to take a picture before enjoying them!

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