Hump Day Love: A Moment Away Spa

Thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of a client, I received a gift certificate to A Moment Away Spa in Southington.  So I took some time and treated myself to a “mommy time-out.”  I gave my skin and feet some much needed attention with a facial and pedicure.

I had the facial first and it was lovely.  I’ve only ever had 1 facial before and it was not at all relaxing. (I won’t disclose the place I had it.)  This facial was relaxing and rejuvenating.  I not only felt much less stressed at the end but could instantly feel a difference in my skin.  Eileen was fantastic and explained to me everything that she was doing and why.  It gave me great guidance for my next facial and my general skin care routine.

Next, was my pedicure.  My feet had taken a beating while pregnant and they were definitely neglected.  However, now they are refreshed!  What I loved most about this pedicure is that I got so many choices to customize it to make it my own.  I was able to pick out what kind of smelling soak and scrub I wanted.  I loved that it was unique to me.  Best of all, my feet came out looking great!

Happy Feet!

A Moment Away Spa has ample parking, is easy to get to and I had no problem arranging for a reservation.  The atmosphere is very calm with dim lights and soothing music.  While there was a nice aroma throughout the facility, it wasn’t overwhelming.  The only thing I would have liked to see is to have made the appointment more of an “escape.”  I would have loved a glass of champagne or even some sparkling water and a nice robe or slippers to move around the facility since I was there for multiple appointments.  Regardless of this, it was still an enjoyable experience and one I’m sure to repeat again.

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