Tip Tuesday: It’s Getting Cold Out There!

We’ve been trying to put it off, but the inevitable has arrived….it’s cold out there! Don’t worry, it’s still a good time to look at homes; just be prepared.

You may know a home is vacant or you may think it’s occupied but turns up to be vacant so our advice is to go prepared! Many homes, especially vacant ones, may have the heat off or have it very, very low.  Be sure to have your hat, gloves, good socks, warm shoes, a warm jacket and a hot drink with you to be able to be comfortable and still take the time you need to view homes.

I’m ready to look at homes….are you?

Don’t forget that with snow comes water that may seep into the basement if the foundation has faults so wearing not only warm boots but waterproof boots is a good idea.


Don’t walk into this!


Overall, the winter shows you a lot about homes and neighborhoods that you don’t see in the Spring/Summer. For example, do your neighbors clean their side of the sidewalk? Does the town plow your street well? Does the basement flood after inches of snow? Can the deck hold a few feet of snow? Real estate doesn’t stop in the winter and can be very beneficial for buyers and sellers….just be prepared!


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