Hump Day Love: Naples Pizza, Farmington

I met a client the other day at Naples Pizza in Farmington to pick up a deposit check and boy, was I glad I did!  It’s a hidden gem that I’m sure to visit again.

Need a quick slice?  Want to take a seat and enjoy a whole pie with a friend?  This is the place!  They have a wide variety of choices available and while nothing is necessarily out of the ordinary (bbq chicken, margherita, veggie, tomato-basil), there’s something about their combination of cheese to sauce to toppings to spices that makes their pizza stand out in flavor.  In addition, their crust is the exact right thickness to give the pizza a nice compliment without overpowering it or being too underwhelming that the sauce soaks it.  Overall, this is a classic pizza place with some stand-out flavor, which is exactly why I took some home to Jason!

Mmmmm!  Who wouldn’t want some?!


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