Tip Tuesday: Spring Lawn Care Matters

We recently drove by a client’s home who had closed last August and gleamed at how incredible their lawn looked.  We love seeing our clients take pride in their homes because it means they love their home!  We immediately called them to tell them how impressed we were and they were so excited.  It made us realize that while it may be dreary and wet and the outside still doesn’t seem that inviting, lawn care starts now and there are some quick tips to do in the Spring to help make your Summer lawn ideal.

spring lawn
Photo Credit: Tehandon Landscapes
  1. Aeration.  Spring is a good time to do this because the ground has been compacted and packed down over the winter.  You may need to rent a professional aerator tool from your local home improvement store.
  2. Seed. Grass has a natural life cycle and does die out so over-seed your lawn.  It is also a good time to do this in the fall.
  3. Fertilize. There are fertilizers for different seasons to help your yard adapt and grow as healthy as possible.  Invest in a spring fertilizer
  4. Mow.  Whatever your style, whatever your budget; just be sure that you have a reliable mower that works when you need it to.  Mow regularly with whatever fits in best with your schedule.

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