Hump Day Love: Ferraro’s, The Meat King

meat king logo
Photo Credit: The Meat King

Ok just picture it; an ice cream truck but for meat!  It is that good.  We found this company in New Haven, Ferraro’s, that not only offers great cuts of every type of meat, but at excellent prices.  Unfortunately, its in New Haven which is not the most convenient for us.  Luckily, they’re now in Wallingford via a meat truck.  The truck comes to Wallingford Monday-Friday 11am-7pm and on Saturdays from 11am-5pm.  The availability on the truck can be limited so its always best to order ahead, which we do.  In our personal experience, we order a day before and its on the truck the next day.  All of the meat we’ve gotten has been delicious and we’ve even been able to order things in bulk when there’s a fantastic special.  The staff is accommodating, helpful and if you subscribe to their email list they’ll not only send you emails about their weekly specials but also let you know if the truck is ever running late.  Talk about customer service!

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