Tip Tuesday: Organizing Your Linen Closet

I don’t know about you but our linen closet is a place where everything just gets thrown.  I’ve particularly noticed it lately because we’re potty training our 2 year old and in the middle of the night when he’s wet his bed, I’m quickly looking for the right sheet.  Also, I’ve been digging through all the towels to find the beach towels I put away last year.  It’s never fun!  Plus, when we’re showing houses our buyers look in closets and many times the linen closet seems small when it’s really not, just poorly used.  So, whether you’re looking to simply get more organized, are sick of looking at the mess or thinking of selling and what to show the abundance of storage space you have; we have the linen closet organization solutions for you!

  • Fold your sheets and put them in one of the matching pillow cases.  It makes the shelf look neat and tidy plus makes all of the pieces of the bedding easily accessible.

linen 2

  • Go to the dollar store and get simple, cheap bins.  Organize everything appropriately and then label the outside with these labels.  It not only clears the mess, but makes finding things easy-breezy.


  • Utilize the back of the door.  Small or large, buy a rack for the back of the closet door and use it to store odds and ends like lightbulbs or bulkier items like shampoo and soap.
back door
Photo Credit: orgjunkie.com

You’re just 3 affordable, easy steps way from an organized linen closet!  Good luck

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