Hump Day Love: Flower Girl Weddings

Kelly’s pure talent, eye for floral beauty, customer service skills and professionalism are the exact reasons you hire her for your wedding. Based out of Southington, Flower Girl Weddings takes your vision and colors and brings them to life in nothing less than utter perfection, all within your budget!  Kelly was fantastic at taking my budget and turning it into a bridal masterpiece.  She advised me on where I could cut down price and when things would and wouldn’t look good.  She took pictures I had and transferred what I loved about those pictures into my wedding.  Don’t know what you want?  No problem.  She will take individualized, personalized time to sit with you and discuss your wedding.  Her goal is to ensure that you have all of the information you need and she has all of the information she needs from you to make your dream wedding a reality.  She was very prompt on the day of the wedding and there wasn’t a single thing wrong.  I have and will continue to recommend Flower Girl Weddings to anyone.

My Bouquet…Loved the Rhinestone Roses
Kelly did a great job of matching the flower girls’ bouquets to mine while keeping them subtle
I loved the way the dark rose looked against Jason’s suit
church alter piece
The Church Altar Centerpiece

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