Tip Tuesday: Thinking of Rain Barrels on This Rainy Day

Lately, it seems that everywhere I go I see rain barrels…even at our son’s preschool!  So on this rainy day, it has me thinking; should we install a rain barrel?

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Well, in case you’re like us and trying to figure out if this provides a benefit for your household, we did some research for you.

You may be surprised to learn that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American uses 320 gallons of water per day and out of that, 30% is used outdoors.  By investing in a rain barrel, you’re actually making a long-term savings investment in your personal water bill as well as helping to conserve water for the planet.

Beyond benefitting your wallet and the planet, you’ll also be providing the best water for your planets.  Rainwater has natural nutrients and minerals that your plants will love and is absent of all of the salts and chemicals that the treated water from your home has.  

So, the next question is how does it work?  It’s a very basic concept that’s dated back to ancient times; collect and utilize water from a natural source.  Rain is collected in a barrel through the a downspout, water is filtered through a screen to catch any sticks and leaves and is then directed into a barrel.

You can make one yourself (directions here) or buy ones ranging in price depending on the style you choose (this one is my favorite).

Overall, a basic concept that’s worked for generations and generations.  The benefits are consistent and is something we’ll be looking into installing in our home!  How about you?

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