Hump Day Love: Aqua Turf Club, Planstville, CT

When we got engaged, there was no doubt about where we would get married.  We knew that it had to be Aqua Turf.  Besides the fact that its beautiful and spacious enough to fit our large wedding in a cohesive manner, we also knew how great they were.  We had been there before for many occasions including New Years Eve and other weddings.  Every single time we went service was exceptional, food was delicious and they had a phenomenal assortment at the bar.  It was always consistent so we knew our wedding day would be no different and to be able to count on that on such an important day is invaluable.  

In the planning process, they were so accommodating.  They were easy to reach and very responsive.  We wanted some options switched out on their standard menus and they took care of it.  We wanted some speciality wine and brandy due to my Portuguese heritage and they took care of it.  The florist was phenomenal and matched my centerpieces exactly to what my bouquets would be (which were done by a different florist).  We also really did find the value of what we got to exceed what it cost. It was by and far the best bang for our buck.  

2 days before the wedding, I brought in boxes of decorations and things that needed to be placed on tables.  I had a prior career in event planning and was a little nervous that it was going to be all laid out with the same attention to detail that I would have done, but I was wrong.  Every single staff member there was dedicated to making sure that our night and every detail of our night was perfect.  I’m so very grateful for that.

I really can’t say enough about how delicious and delightful everything was that night and I couldn’t think of a better place to have an event.  After my wedding, I ended up using the Aqua Turf for my former employee’s annual fundraiser (which they continue to use today) and now our office, Coldwell Banker goes annually for the small company business holiday party they have.  We will continue to be patrons and supporters of their establishment and highly recommend it.



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