Tip Tuesday: Selling a home with a pet

You’ve decided that you’re ready to sell your house!  Fantastic!  You’ve chosen your Realtor….hopefully, us!  You’ve made the necessary adjustments/fixes to your home.  You’ve priced it appropriately according to the current market.  And, now the showing requests start flooding it.  Woo-Hoo!  But then it suddenly occurs to you; your beloved fur babies call this home of yours home too.  How will they react to showings?  Will they affect your potential to sell your home?  They shouldn’t…not if you take the necessary steps.

Everyone loves their own pets and considers how their pets would live in a new home.  Does it have a big enough backyard?  Is it too many stairs for an older dog?  Is it too much carpet for the cats? However, buyers don’t want to know if your pets live there because it could affect the condition of the home they’re buying.  In order, to ensure that your pets aren’t negatively affecting the sale of your home, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Take them out of the house for showings.  Even if your pets are very friendly or crated, the odds are that people coming in and out of their home can create anxiety for them.  They may consistently bark or may try to come up next to the potential buyers who may not feel comfortable with that at all.  Obviously, this can be difficult to do.  So, be sure to request to your Realtor that you have a certain amount of notice in order to properly remove your animals from the property for showings or even arrange with a neighbor to help you with this task.  Whatever the process, we assure you that having the animals off of the property is the best bet for showings.
  2. Get your carpets cleaned.  If you have carpets, have them cleaned regularly  This may seem excessive but potential buyers not only don’t want to see your pet on their new home’s floor, they also don’t want to smell your pet.  You may even consider having your furniture cleaned regularly while conducting showings.
  3. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.  Multiple times a day.  Don’t let the dander and smells build up.  This includes on hardwood floors as well.
  4. Clean those litter boxes, crates and puppy pads.  Litter boxes and crates should be cleaned on a constant basis.
  5. Don’t use candles or plug-ins.  For many reasons, this one is a must.  First, potential buyers may think that you’re trying to cover up a smell and they’ll be skeptical of that.  Secondly, they may be allergic and it would inhibit their ability to view your home.
  6. Use different noses.  Your nose may be accustomed to the pet smell.  Ask a neighbor, friend or family member every so often to come by and take a whiff!  They’ll be able to tell you if the smell is there and if its overwhelming or not.

With the proper arrangements and keeping on top of these necessary tasks, you and your pet will still be able to live comfortably in your home and get it sold as quick as possible.

If you’re anything like us, your pet is an important part of your family!

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