Hump Day Love: AMC Plainville 20, Plainville

We absolutely love the AMC Plainville 20 Movie Theater.  They’ve brought back comfort to movie theater watching!  The red leather reclining lazy-boy style chairs is a big reason for that comfort but also spaciousness. There is no more squeezing into small seats and being stuffed into a theater like sardines.  Not to mention, there is assigned seating.  So, you can pre-choose what seats you’d like to sit in.  This is ideal for children!  I can pre-pick our seats to ensure that our son can see.  However, the reality is that the way the theater is structured there is almost no bad seat in terms of being able to see well.

Our oldest son at his first movie ever this Summer!

The ability to pre-choose seats is a testament to their step into the “technical age.”  Lines are decreased thanks to the ability to pre-purchase but also there are multiple kiosks where you can purchase your tickets and again, leads to shorter lines and quicker moving lines.  I recently went to another theater where they didn’t have kiosks and the line was outrageous because only 1 person was working the desk.  Unnecessary.

Also, the concessions stand is well-stocked, has plenty of choices and very clean as is the rest of the theater and the restrooms.

It is for all of these reasons that this theater is constantly busy.  We recommend pre-purchasing your tickets to ensure that you get a ticket and plan to get there early if parking in a convenient spot is important to you.  Parking is always available but if you get there later it may be a bit of a walk.

As your planning your weekend, think about seeing a movie at AMC Plainville 20.


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