Hump Day Love: Thirty-One Gifts

31-logoI’ve admired them from a far, but now I’m the proud owner (and obsessor) of Thirty-One Gifts.  I treated myself to the large utility tote this Fall.  I love it.  I carry my groceries in it.  I carried presents at Christmas time in it.  I carry the kids toys in it.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

Then, I treated Jason to the Fold ‘N File.  It’s perfect for the car.  We keep all of our necessary work documents in it so that we’re ready at a moment’s notice to file any paperwork that your transaction needs.  T

hen, I treated family members for Christmas.  I bought my sister-in-laws and my son’s teacher the ever fabulous large utility tote as well.  I bought my young (8-10 year old) cousins the hanging travelers case and 24/7 case , which is perfect for them because not only do they take family trips but as they’re getting older and doing travel sports, its the perfect sports bag accessory.  For Jason’s nieces in their 20’s I bought them the zipper pouch and when they say there are 1,001 uses for this pouch, they mean it!

I continually find uses Thirty-One Gifts and have with great certainty that they make the perfect gift for anyone, which is why I’m always browsing for the next best gift (and resisting the urge to simply shower myself in gifts)! My favorite part is the personalization that it offers.  Initials, designs, full words/names…you name it and they imprint it.  It adds a level of thoughtfulness and sincerity to every gift.  And of course, if I need to purchase, I go to Paula’s Boutique.  Visit her website today and place an order.  Remember- Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Lots of useful gifts for men, women and kids!

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