Hump Day Love: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse – W. Hartford

Ok, let me begin by saying that we’re parents of a 3-year-old and 1-year-old so our ability to enjoy a full night out, just the two of us is rare.  Therefore, when we get the chance to do it, we fully enjoy it.  My parents graciously got us a gift card for Christmas for Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse in West Hartford.  We couldn’t wait to use it and we already knew exactly for what occasion (again, we’re parents of youngsters so we know and look forward to which days we can get out).  Jason’s birthday was the perfect day to treat ourselves.

Two parents happy for a night out

I made us a reservation for the evening of his birthday.  It was very easy to do.  I went to their website, chose the date and time and was able to write in that it was Jason’s birthday.  I immediately received an email confirmation and received an email confirmation a few days before our reservation.  All very easy and all very accommodating.

We get to the restaurant and they greeted us by saying Happy Birthday to Jason.  They sat us at a very comfortable table where we immediately previewed their wine menu off of an iPad (very 21st century).  After ordering wine, we immediately got to the menu.  We ended up with the Fleming’s Salad (delicious) and I must say definitely enough to share especially since the food that followed was plentiful.  Jason treated himself to the Aged New York Strip Steak and I had the regular New York Strip Steak.  Both were cooked exactly the way we asked for them (I’m very particular about how I like my steak cooked so this was especially pleasing to me) and both were phenomenal!  I do have to say that it was surprising to me how much richer in flavor the aged strip steak was in comparison to the regular.  So if you can go and indulge yourself, get the aged version.  We ordered 2 sides to share.  Off of a recommendation from a friend we got the Fleming’s Potatoes.  We would have never ordered them to begin with because they have jalapeno and I’m not a jalapeno fan but I’m glad we followed the recommendation because they were heaven.  In addition we ordered the chipotle mac and cheese and if you don’t like spicy things then don’t order this because the chiptole was very evident.  It was good but I’m not sure I would order it again…a little too strong for me.  In the middle of dinner, the server asked us if we wanted the chocolate lava cake because they cook each one fresh and to order so it takes about 30 minutes to cook and we needed to order it in the middle of dinner.  With that lead up, how can you resist?  It was decadent and the calories were worth it.  Upon enjoying our chocolate lava cake, Brandy and coffee, they treated Jason to a birthday card and some chocolate truffles to take home.  a nice touch!

I mean…how good does that look?!

My only negative (and I use that for lack of a better word) experience was when Jason ordered Brandy.  The service was impeccable, but when Jason noted that the Brandy selection seemed thin she said “Yea, we don’t have a big brandy option.”  So we accepted it and moved on.  Then we went to the bar after dinner and saw all of the Brandys on the shelves of the bar and were surprised.  When we asked why they weren’t on the menu, the bartender said they can’t list everything because then their menu would be too long.  Understood.  However, it would have been appreciated if the server had mentioned that they have more Brandys than what’s listed and if we asked for something then she could find out if they had it.

The entire experience was the perfect way to indulge in a rare date night out.  We must warn you that it’s not easy on the wallet but if you’re looking for a treat….this is the place!  


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