Hump Day Love: Mandell JCC Valley Sports Arena and Community Center

Winter for parents can just be described as a season of patience because your kids’ energy will be completely bottled up so your patience is tested.  It’s no surprise that I went looking for any outlet I could do get my son’s energy out. Thankfully, I found Mandell JCC Valley Sports Arena and Community Center in Canton that had a great indoor preschool soccer program on Saturday mornings.  

Per their website:

As a trusted, local name in sports, fitness, and building community, the Mandell JCC of Greater Hartford is proud to expand its reach into the Farmington Valley. Formerly the Valley Sports Center, the Mandell JCC Valley Sports & Community Center branch offers a variety of youth and adult sports programs, leagues, children and preschool enrichment classes, along with Jewish holiday and cultural events. No membership is required. Team rentals, drop-in play and pre-registration for classes and leagues are available.

They offer preschool, youth, teen and adult programs and leagues.  There are parent and child programs for 2-Year olds. Then in the next hour you can go to a small group personal training session for yourself.  Or maybe you’re looking to join an adult basketball league or your teen is looking or some indoor hitting practice?  Need a place for a birthday party?  This complex has everything and its all indoors so your fun can extend across any season! 

Are you interested in the town of Canton or learning more about what it offers?  Visit properties here!

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