Hump Day Love: Muse Paintbar & Eatery

muse1The odds are that you’ve already done a paint night or gone to a paintbar because it really is the newest craze.  However, if you haven’t tried Muse Paintbar & Eatery in West Hartford then you must!  First of all, they have at the least one “paint party” a day so the variety of days/times to choose from is plentiful.  Also, the variety of paintings really does suit everyone.  Whether its a couples painting, paintings about animals, nature paintings….there really is something for everyone.  If you follow their Facebook page, they even offer opportunities to vote on which paintings they should include each month.   They’ve also started to include wine glass paintings!  It’s located conveniently in the middle of Blue Back Square, West Hartford so whether you want to get dinner before or after, its in the perfect location to accompany dinner with some painting.  They do offer some light appetizers and a bar though to help you work your way through your painting.

One of the things I like most about them is their ability to do a private party.  You can rent it out

One of my Muse Masterpieces

for a party.  They have 2 separate rooms so even if there is a paint party going on, you can throw your party in the other room and it’ll be just you and your friends for a party.  Managers take note….this is a great place to do team building and have a little office party as you can host a private party for just your office!  Parents take note….they have family day sessions so you and you can even book your child’s next birthday party here!  If you haven’t been to muse yet, then take a look at their website and Facebook page to find out about their upcoming events and book a spot today!

Interested in what properties are currently available in the West Hartford area?  We have the best resource for you here!

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