Tip Tuesday: Finding a Neighborhood You Love

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If you’re looking to branch out and buy outside of a town you’re not familiar with or moving to CT and don’t know the towns yet, it can be difficult to determine which neighborhood is right for you.  But, it is possible and we’re here to help.
Photo credit: Mycom.net

We have 5 easy steps to choose the right neighborhood for you.

1) Talk to us:  If you let us know what kind of neighborhood qualities you’re looking for, we’d be happy to make recommendations and give you our insights.  Use the contact agent form on our website and we’ll contact you within 24 hours!
2) Website: You can also use our website or mobile web to get a sense of the area fairly quickly. By switching your search results to the interactive map view, can opt to see restaurants, shops, schools, public transportation lines, as well as neighborhood and school district boundaries; and of course, you’ll always see every available home for sale.
Once you click on a home, you’ll see information regarding how each school in that district ranks.
3) Drive and Walk: One of the greatest pieces of advice we can give clients is to drive around potential neighborhoods and do it at different times.  For example, drive to the neighborhood after getting out of work at rush hour and see how your commute would be.  Then drive by the area on a Saturday at 3pm to see how active it is or if its quiet.
4) Talk to the Neighbors: There have been times clients have seen homes they love but are uncertain because there’s a home on the street that’s run down.  We always recommend knocking on neighbors doors and asking them how they like the neighborhood.  What are their pros and cons are and if anyone is troubling on the street? It will also let you know how much people love their neighborhood. Do they stay there for years or are there high turn-overs?
5) Call the Police:  The police station will provide you with public crime records for certain neighborhoods if this is an aspect you’re concerned about.  We once had a client fall in love with a property but had concerns because they simply didn’t know the area at all.  They called the Police Station to find out how many or if any crimes had been reported in the past year in that area.  The Police were able to calm their nerves and give them honest information about the neighborhood.
A new area can be nerve-wrenching for so many reasons, but there’s no reason to go into a decision blindly.  There are many resources to help ensure that you’re finding the home of your dreams in the neighborhood of your dreams.

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