Buying is Cheaper Than Renting!

Believe it or not, right now in the USA buying is on average 33% cheaper than renting.  Why?  How?  All of the details are here.  

This could be you as a happy new homeowner in front of your new home!

So what does this mean for you?  That now is the time to transfer out of the renting game and into home ownership.  Don’t know if you qualify for a loan? Check out our lender referrals section and give one of our top lenders a call.  They’ll let you know if you qualify, what you qualify for, how much down payment you need (it’s possible you won’t need anything or even just 1%!) and if you don’t qualify, what you need to do to get to qualification.

Then, begin your home search by contacting us and/or visiting our website to see all of the homes currently for sale in CT!

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