Tip Tuesday: Winter Buying and Selling

Let’s face it; the winter just isn’t convenient.  You’re cold. It’s slushy and isn’t as pretty as the beautiful landscapes, full trees, and blooming flowers of Spring/Summer.  Plus in the warmer months, staying outside and walking around is no problem.All of these things tend to turn buyers away from looking at houses in the winter and many often wait until Spring.  However, the winter is a great time to buy because it is very revealing of the home.

Image Credit: realtor.com.

Think about it…a home being able to survive Spring/Summer is usually fairly easy. A home being able to endure all of the demands that winter offers is huge!  

  • Did you feel cold while looking through the house?  
  • Are the windows or doors letting in drafts?  Is the basement getting damp because of the snow?  
  • Is the roof starting to bow because of the weight of the snow?  
  • Do you see water stains in the attic or ceiling as the snow starts to melt?  
  • Are the gutters properly working or are they clogged?  
  • Can your car make it up the driveway with ice?
  • How fast can the home heat up?

Windows, roof, basement dryness and mechanicals are all large issues that cost a lot!  Being able to spot any issues before you purchase a home will be monumental to not only your bank account, but to also your peace of mind and comfortability.

The snow will also reveal a lot about your neighborhood.

  • Does it get plowed well?  
  • Does it get plowed in a good time manner?
  • Do your neighbors take care of their sidewalks?

So as a seller, what does all of this mean?  It means to stay on top of your home in the winter.  Issues won’t get covered up; they’ll be revealed.

  • Be sure to have your furnace/boiler serviced and repaired as needed.  
  • Clean the snow off of your roof and if you see any potential issues such as a water stain or bowing, don’t wait!  Call in a professional immediately.  Often times a small issue can be resolved before it becomes a large one and costs you even more.
  • Clean your gutters regularly.  
  • Shovel your driveway and walk-ways thoroughly and ice regularly.  You won’t want a potential home buyer to slip on your walkway as they’re walking up to see your home!
  • Assess your windows and doors.  Do you feel drafts?  Consider simple techniques to draft proof them or be prepared to have to address this factor in the form of a credit after an inspection.  Talk to your agent from the beginning about what your bottom line is, what you’re willing to address and not address and how you plan to tackle any issues that arise in an inspection.  Having a good strategy in place with your agent will help them to represent you better.

Overall, many houses get sold successfully in the winter.  Winter does not mean impossibility in the real estate market.  On the contrary, we see extraordinary opportunities!  So don’t let the winter scare you away from buying or selling your home!  Be sure to contact us today to get your process started!

Tip Tuesday: Don’t Lose Your Dream Home In A Hot Market

spring wreathSpring has sprung!  That also means so has the real estate market!  Houses are not staying on the market long especially over a weekend.  What homes you see on the market on Thursday will not be the same homes on the market on Monday.  So how can you be sure that you don’t lose out on your dream home in this fast moving market?






  1. Get pre-approved.  Your offer will not be reviewed or accepted by a seller unless a pre-approval letter accompanies it.  Why?  They don’t want to take their home off of the market for someone that can’t afford it. Have that pre-approval letter ready.
  2. Find an app/website that’s accurate.  In this digital age, there are websites upon websites where you can find homes for sale.  But are they accurate?  Many times clients call us telling us they found a home on a website and we look it up only to break the news that its been under deposit for weeks.  Not every website is accurate so be sure that you’re not wasting your time looking on inaccurate websites.  Our website is 100% accurate and up-to-date.  Even better?  Set up a search, download an app and get push notices every time a home gets listed that matches what you’re looking for.  Try this app out.  You can even make showing requests directly on the app.
  3. Find the right Realtor.  Why find just one Realtor?  How about 2? With Harrison Realty Team you get 2 agents working for you, which means that the strong majority of the time, 1 of us is always available to help you.  This ensures that you never lose out on a home just because your Realtor couldn’t see it with you one day.  We’ll make sure you see homes when you want.  Also, many agents don’t utilize electronic signatures.  That means that you always have to find a time in their schedule to meet with them to physically sign documents.  Harrison Realty Team utilizes electronic signatures so that we can submit an offer the second you want to.  No need to wait to meet up.  Your offer gets in front of the seller’s eyes fast!
  4. See homes.  Finally, go look at homes.  Figure out what you want and don’t want.  That way you are certain when you find your ideal home.


Contact us today at 860-539-9076 or harrrisonrealtyteam@gmail.com to get your home search started!  Happy Home Hunting!



Tip Tuesday: It’s Getting Cold Out There!

We’ve been trying to put it off, but the inevitable has arrived….it’s cold out there! Don’t worry, it’s still a good time to look at homes; just be prepared.

You may know a home is vacant or you may think it’s occupied but turns up to be vacant so our advice is to go prepared! Many homes, especially vacant ones, may have the heat off or have it very, very low.  Be sure to have your hat, gloves, good socks, warm shoes, a warm jacket and a hot drink with you to be able to be comfortable and still take the time you need to view homes.

I’m ready to look at homes….are you?

Don’t forget that with snow comes water that may seep into the basement if the foundation has faults so wearing not only warm boots but waterproof boots is a good idea.


Don’t walk into this!


Overall, the winter shows you a lot about homes and neighborhoods that you don’t see in the Spring/Summer. For example, do your neighbors clean their side of the sidewalk? Does the town plow your street well? Does the basement flood after inches of snow? Can the deck hold a few feet of snow? Real estate doesn’t stop in the winter and can be very beneficial for buyers and sellers….just be prepared!


Tip Tuesday: How You Can Prepare Now to Buy Later

Casually browsing homes?  Waiting until the New Year or Spring to begin aggressively looking  for homes?  No problem!  Did you know that there are steps you can take now to help better prepare you for your home search process?  Start your home search process today with these 3 steps and then contact Harrison Realty Team to set up your home search on our brand new website!

1. Know your neighborhoods. Use our new website to learn more about schools, restaurants, public transportation, and walkability in neighborhoods where you’re searching.  When you’re ready to begin your search, knowing exactly what you’re searching for and what neighborhoods are an absolute no will help save you time and give you better search results.

2. Get your finances in order.  If your credit is not great, work at paying down your debt.  If you’d like to meet with a financial advisor to talk over your situation, we can recommend one to you!  A pre-approval is a great first step in your home buying process because it will let you know exactly what you qualify for so that you don’t fall in love with a home that’s far out of your price range and you won’t get an offer accepted until you have that pre-approval letter.  Getting a pre-approval is a relatively short process, but your pre-approval is likely to expire in 90 days so our recommendation is not to get it too early.

3. Stay organized. Make sure you have all the documentation you will need for the loan process. Use the Saved Homes feature on our website to keep all the homes you like in one spot.

We’re happy to talk with you and set up a personalized home search for you.  In addition to your search, we personally scan through every new home and price decrease that comes on the market and will alert you as to homes that match your criteria so that you never miss out an opportunity for your dream home!