Hump Day Love: Main Street Creamery

creameryThis week’s Hump Day Love goes to the place where everyone knows your name.  It’s where family and tradition matter.  It’s where dogs are welcome.  It’s where your tastebuds will delight.  It’s Main Street Creamery in Old Wethersfield, CT.

When you walk into Main Street Creamery you’re immediately aware of how much their customers matter.  Pictures of families and children enjoying the Shop’s ice cream line its walls and ceiling.  You’ll feel a part of something more than just a local ice cream shop.  The warm, family friendly atmosphere will impress you, but the ice cream will keep you returning.  Whatever your fancy…soft serve or hard ice cream, cotton candy or classic vanilla, smooth coffee or cookie filled……they have it all.  That includes lactose free and vegan options.  It’s all delicious!  Plus, as dog owners we appreciate their dog friendly atmosphere and dog ice creams.

Recently, under new ownership, this local Ice Cream Shop hopes to continue its long

Our youngest enjoying his ice cream!

tradition of serving neighborhood families delicious ice cream as well form new partnerships with local vendors and schools.  In addition to ice cream, the shop offers special functions such as birthday parties.

Be sure that next time you’re in the Old Wethersfield neighborhood to take a stop by Main Street Creamery and satisfy your taste buds!

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Hump Day Love: Thirty-One Gifts

31-logoI’ve admired them from a far, but now I’m the proud owner (and obsessor) of Thirty-One Gifts.  I treated myself to the large utility tote this Fall.  I love it.  I carry my groceries in it.  I carried presents at Christmas time in it.  I carry the kids toys in it.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

Then, I treated Jason to the Fold ‘N File.  It’s perfect for the car.  We keep all of our necessary work documents in it so that we’re ready at a moment’s notice to file any paperwork that your transaction needs.  T

hen, I treated family members for Christmas.  I bought my sister-in-laws and my son’s teacher the ever fabulous large utility tote as well.  I bought my young (8-10 year old) cousins the hanging travelers case and 24/7 case , which is perfect for them because not only do they take family trips but as they’re getting older and doing travel sports, its the perfect sports bag accessory.  For Jason’s nieces in their 20’s I bought them the zipper pouch and when they say there are 1,001 uses for this pouch, they mean it!

I continually find uses Thirty-One Gifts and have with great certainty that they make the perfect gift for anyone, which is why I’m always browsing for the next best gift (and resisting the urge to simply shower myself in gifts)! My favorite part is the personalization that it offers.  Initials, designs, full words/names…you name it and they imprint it.  It adds a level of thoughtfulness and sincerity to every gift.  And of course, if I need to purchase, I go to Paula’s Boutique.  Visit her website today and place an order.  Remember- Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Lots of useful gifts for men, women and kids!

Hump Day Love: AMC Plainville 20, Plainville

We absolutely love the AMC Plainville 20 Movie Theater.  They’ve brought back comfort to movie theater watching!  The red leather reclining lazy-boy style chairs is a big reason for that comfort but also spaciousness. There is no more squeezing into small seats and being stuffed into a theater like sardines.  Not to mention, there is assigned seating.  So, you can pre-choose what seats you’d like to sit in.  This is ideal for children!  I can pre-pick our seats to ensure that our son can see.  However, the reality is that the way the theater is structured there is almost no bad seat in terms of being able to see well.

Our oldest son at his first movie ever this Summer!

The ability to pre-choose seats is a testament to their step into the “technical age.”  Lines are decreased thanks to the ability to pre-purchase but also there are multiple kiosks where you can purchase your tickets and again, leads to shorter lines and quicker moving lines.  I recently went to another theater where they didn’t have kiosks and the line was outrageous because only 1 person was working the desk.  Unnecessary.

Also, the concessions stand is well-stocked, has plenty of choices and very clean as is the rest of the theater and the restrooms.

It is for all of these reasons that this theater is constantly busy.  We recommend pre-purchasing your tickets to ensure that you get a ticket and plan to get there early if parking in a convenient spot is important to you.  Parking is always available but if you get there later it may be a bit of a walk.

As your planning your weekend, think about seeing a movie at AMC Plainville 20.


Hump Day Love: Rose’s Berry Farm

Day after Election 2016.  You may be happy.  You may be angry.  You may be ecstatic.  You may be shocked.  You may be in despair.  But, there’s one thing we can’t deny….the holiday season is around the corner!  So let’s get into the spirit and start decorating!

For those of you looking for a Christmas tree, we have the spot.  Rose’s Berry Farm in Glastonbury is a great place to find your perfect tree.  They open on November 19th for Christmas Tree season.  The staff is always helpful, tree selection beautiful and the gift shop at the front of the farm offers the perfect options for some great gift ideas including Rose’s Berry Farm homemade Jam.

Right now isn’t the only time to pay attention to Roses’s Berry Farm.  Pay attention to Rose’s Berry Farm from June – December for a picking calendar of bountiful, delicious crops including strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apple, etc.  In addition, they have a beautiful porch in which they offer Sunday Brunch.  Enjoy brunch with fresh fruit toppings and then pick your own fresh crop this Summer!  Don’t forget about the Fall festival they have every Saturday and Sunday in October.  It’s a great place for kids that includes a playground, tractor drive to a pumpkin patch and corn maze, face painting and pipping hot apple cider donuts.

Our oldest enjoying the face painting at Rose’s Berry Farm this past October.

Hopefully, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Rose’s Berry Farm before the end of 2016, but if not then be sure to put it on your “must-do” list in 2017!

Hump Day Love: Old Wethersfield Country Store

Are you craving a small town feel?  Are you craving  store that has unique finds that you really can’t get anywhere else?  How about a place that specializes in local goods?  Or a place that brings you back to the “good old days”?  We’ve got the place for you!

Old Wethersfield Country Store is just that and more.  Looking for a good bottle wine?  Connecticut Vineyard Wine bottles are featured here.  How about a good jam or bbq sauce? Local brands are specialized here.  Home-made dog treats?  Fun gifts like beer glasses that feature “I love Wethersfield” or “I love CT” on them?  Craving a Nora cupcake?  Need some gluten free rolls?  How about filling your body with sthe endless benefits of Kombucha juice…on tap!?  Check, check and check!  This store has it all and don’t forget about the old fashioned candy display….perfect for both adults and kid.  wethersfieldstore

Recently, they’ve been featuring their ability to create and cater cheese plates for your next party.  It’s a great idea for your next picnic or trip to the vineyard.

The owners of this beautiful, small-town store are always welcoming and do a fantastic job of keeping the store consistent yet updating it throughout the year to offer fun, new surprises and features that are consistent with the seasons/holidays.  Be sure to “like” their Facebook page as they are always highlighting their daily in-store features and it makes you want to rush right in as to to be sure not to miss anything!

It’s certainly worth a visit whether you’re in Wethersfield or anywhere in the area; be sure to stop by and trust us….get some Kombucha juice!

Hump Day Love: Flower Girl Weddings

Kelly’s pure talent, eye for floral beauty, customer service skills and professionalism are the exact reasons you hire her for your wedding. Based out of Southington, Flower Girl Weddings takes your vision and colors and brings them to life in nothing less than utter perfection, all within your budget!  Kelly was fantastic at taking my budget and turning it into a bridal masterpiece.  She advised me on where I could cut down price and when things would and wouldn’t look good.  She took pictures I had and transferred what I loved about those pictures into my wedding.  Don’t know what you want?  No problem.  She will take individualized, personalized time to sit with you and discuss your wedding.  Her goal is to ensure that you have all of the information you need and she has all of the information she needs from you to make your dream wedding a reality.  She was very prompt on the day of the wedding and there wasn’t a single thing wrong.  I have and will continue to recommend Flower Girl Weddings to anyone.

My Bouquet…Loved the Rhinestone Roses
Kelly did a great job of matching the flower girls’ bouquets to mine while keeping them subtle
I loved the way the dark rose looked against Jason’s suit
church alter piece
The Church Altar Centerpiece

Hump Day Love: Ferraro’s, The Meat King

meat king logo
Photo Credit: The Meat King

Ok just picture it; an ice cream truck but for meat!  It is that good.  We found this company in New Haven, Ferraro’s, that not only offers great cuts of every type of meat, but at excellent prices.  Unfortunately, its in New Haven which is not the most convenient for us.  Luckily, they’re now in Wallingford via a meat truck.  The truck comes to Wallingford Monday-Friday 11am-7pm and on Saturdays from 11am-5pm.  The availability on the truck can be limited so its always best to order ahead, which we do.  In our personal experience, we order a day before and its on the truck the next day.  All of the meat we’ve gotten has been delicious and we’ve even been able to order things in bulk when there’s a fantastic special.  The staff is accommodating, helpful and if you subscribe to their email list they’ll not only send you emails about their weekly specials but also let you know if the truck is ever running late.  Talk about customer service!