Tip Tuesday: Real Estate In the Fall

Yes the rumors are true….Spring is prime real estate season but we love Fall real estate.  In our opinion, its a great time for real estate!  And the facts prove it.  For the first time in history, in 2016, October surpassed June in home sales.  

fall image
Photo Credit: realtor.com

Here are our top 3 reasons to sell & buy in the Fall:


  1. People are serious: Usually, people are trying to beat the winter and get settled in before the snow melts.  They want to be “home for the holidays” in their new home!  You’re most likely not getting buyers that are “poking around” or just casually browsing.  They want to move immediately so they’re not wasting anyone’s time.
  2. You’re the center of attention:  There’s less competition, fewer houses on the market and less open houses.  Your home will stand out more and get seen by more buyers.
  3. Your Home Is Cozier:  Let’s face it there’s nothing quite like New England in the Fall.  Mums outside on the porch.  Cinnamon smelling treats inside.  Fireplace lighted.  When your buyers feel an emotional attachment to the home, they’re more likely to make an offer.  Play up the season and decorate the outside of your home to have Autumn curb appeal and create a cozier atmosphere inside (maybe new, warmer paint colors…touches of yellow, orange and red in the decor of your home).  Pay attention to the details that make your home stand out from just another house to someone’s new home.



  1. People are serious:  Sellers who have homes on the market in the Fall usually need to sell.  They either have a job relocation, had a home built over the summer and now its ready or (same as buyers) want to move before that winter weather rolls in. There are also less buyers out on the market so it tends to be a season known for good, fair negotiations.
  2. You can take advantage of tax breaks: The property tax and mortgage interest deductions that you can take from buying a new home can make a serious difference in the amount that you owe to the government even if you closed in December.
  3. Mortgage Rates Expected to Rise: Mortgage rates are expected to increase over the next 12 months according to Freddie Mac, The Mortgage Bankers Association, Fannie Mae, and the National Association of Realtors.  This means that a year from now your monthly mortgage expense will increase if you don’t lock in the current rates.


As you can see, just because Labor Day has passed doesn’t mean your opportunity for Real Estate has.  Looking to see what your home could be worth or want to browse for homes in your area?  Check out our website and then contact us!  We want to prove to you why you should love Fall real estate as much as we do!

Tip Tuesday: Watch Your Debt…Even After You’ve Had An Accepted Offer

You’ve gotten pre-approved for a mortgage!  Great!

You’ve gotten an accepted offer! Great!

You’re only days away from closing!  Even Better!

But….your debt is still being watched.  You’re not in the clear until you walk away from the closing table with the keys in your hand.  Therefore, be cautious when spending money while leading up to the closing of your home.  While some of these “commandments” below are pretty obvious, others do provide some trouble for people.  In particular, the furniture one and the one regarding making large deposits.  Keep your debt and bank account under control in the time leading up to your closing day…it could be the reason that you lose out on your home at the very last minute.


buying a home commandments
Photo Credit: Lighter Side of Real Estate





Hump Day Love: Flower Girl Weddings

Kelly’s pure talent, eye for floral beauty, customer service skills and professionalism are the exact reasons you hire her for your wedding. Based out of Southington, Flower Girl Weddings takes your vision and colors and brings them to life in nothing less than utter perfection, all within your budget!  Kelly was fantastic at taking my budget and turning it into a bridal masterpiece.  She advised me on where I could cut down price and when things would and wouldn’t look good.  She took pictures I had and transferred what I loved about those pictures into my wedding.  Don’t know what you want?  No problem.  She will take individualized, personalized time to sit with you and discuss your wedding.  Her goal is to ensure that you have all of the information you need and she has all of the information she needs from you to make your dream wedding a reality.  She was very prompt on the day of the wedding and there wasn’t a single thing wrong.  I have and will continue to recommend Flower Girl Weddings to anyone.

My Bouquet…Loved the Rhinestone Roses
Kelly did a great job of matching the flower girls’ bouquets to mine while keeping them subtle
I loved the way the dark rose looked against Jason’s suit
church alter piece
The Church Altar Centerpiece

Tip Tuesday: Don’t Lose Your Dream Home In A Hot Market

spring wreathSpring has sprung!  That also means so has the real estate market!  Houses are not staying on the market long especially over a weekend.  What homes you see on the market on Thursday will not be the same homes on the market on Monday.  So how can you be sure that you don’t lose out on your dream home in this fast moving market?






  1. Get pre-approved.  Your offer will not be reviewed or accepted by a seller unless a pre-approval letter accompanies it.  Why?  They don’t want to take their home off of the market for someone that can’t afford it. Have that pre-approval letter ready.
  2. Find an app/website that’s accurate.  In this digital age, there are websites upon websites where you can find homes for sale.  But are they accurate?  Many times clients call us telling us they found a home on a website and we look it up only to break the news that its been under deposit for weeks.  Not every website is accurate so be sure that you’re not wasting your time looking on inaccurate websites.  Our website is 100% accurate and up-to-date.  Even better?  Set up a search, download an app and get push notices every time a home gets listed that matches what you’re looking for.  Try this app out.  You can even make showing requests directly on the app.
  3. Find the right Realtor.  Why find just one Realtor?  How about 2? With Harrison Realty Team you get 2 agents working for you, which means that the strong majority of the time, 1 of us is always available to help you.  This ensures that you never lose out on a home just because your Realtor couldn’t see it with you one day.  We’ll make sure you see homes when you want.  Also, many agents don’t utilize electronic signatures.  That means that you always have to find a time in their schedule to meet with them to physically sign documents.  Harrison Realty Team utilizes electronic signatures so that we can submit an offer the second you want to.  No need to wait to meet up.  Your offer gets in front of the seller’s eyes fast!
  4. See homes.  Finally, go look at homes.  Figure out what you want and don’t want.  That way you are certain when you find your ideal home.


Contact us today at 860-539-9076 or harrrisonrealtyteam@gmail.com to get your home search started!  Happy Home Hunting!



Tip Tuesday: Be Sure This Halloween Is a Treat And Not a Trick For Your Pet

Trick or Treat!  Halloween is a few days away and there’s so much to think about.  Decorations.  Food Allergies.  Costumes.  Party Plans.  Etc, etc, etc.  But let’s not all forget that Halloween affects our pets greatly.

My sister's dog as a Candy Corn last Halloween
My sister’s dog as a Candy Corn last Halloween

Take these steps to ensure that this Halloween you’re pet friendly!

  1. Candy: Obviously chocolate is a complete no-no, but many other candies can prove dangerous as well.  Don’t take the unnecessary risk of offering your pet candy, but instead, be sure that you’re stocked with yummy pet treats.  You can even try your hand at these homemade pumpkin dog biscuits.  Even if you don’t give your pet candy, make sure that you throw all of the wrappers to your candy out!  Tin foil and cellophane can be very dangerous if swallowed so be sure to keep out of reach.
  2. Decorations: It’s always fun to decorate with real pumpkins, corn, and hay.  While those things aren’t toxic, they can be a source of a very upset stomach.  Also, decorations that make noises, produce dry ice or light up can create anxiety for pets.  Keep decorations out of reach.
  3. Trick or Treaters:  Whether you bring your pet out trick or treating with you or keep him/her home with you to hand out candy, there are important steps to take to keep them safe.  If you’re bringing them out, use brightly colored costumes or visibility vests/lights to keep them visible to others that are out.  If you’re staying home, keep them in a separate room, away from the chaos of trick or treaters.  Too many strangers can create anxiety as well.

Anything you’d add?

We hope that you, your family and pets all have a safe, fun, & happy Halloween!  Share your costume pictures with us!

Tip Tuesday: Life Expectancy Around the Home

Here’s a quick, but very helpful Tip Tuesday for you.  Often times our clients will view homes and the seller has provided information such as the driveway was redone 5 years ago, the appliances are 3 years old, etc.  That’s great, but what does that really mean?  Let’s say you moved in and immediately replaced the air conditioning, but it dies 4 years later.  Is that normal?  How long are items in your home supposed to last?  Here’s a great infographic to help you determine the average life expectancy for items around your home.

Infographic Credit:http://www.diyncrafts.com/11175/decor/50-amazingly-clever-cheat-sheets-to-simplify-home-decorating-projects/5
Infographic Credit:http://www.diyncrafts.com/11175/decor/50-amazingly-clever-cheat-sheets-to-simplify-home-decorating-projects/5