Hump Day Love: The Wharf at Madison Beach Hotel

With this snowy Spring, it’s likely that you’re looking for a little fresh air and something that reminds you that it truly is Spring and Summer is just around the corner.  Well, we’ve got the perfect spot for you.  The Wharf Restaurant at the Madison Beach Hotel is the perfect getaway.  If you’re looking for a relaxing lunch getaway with friends, a romantic dinner with a significant other, a spot for a drink with clients, or just want to try a new restaurant then The Wharf at Madison Beach Hotel is for you!  Located in Madison, CT, your meals and drinks will be complimented with views of the Long Island Sound as is it

My Family and I enjoying our lunch at The Wharf at Madison Beach Hotel

right on the beach.  Whether you’re sitting in the dining room, enjoying the fresh air on the porch, or sitting at the bar, your view is stunning!  My Mother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin and I topped off a very fun girls day with lunch at The Wharf.  We had meals ranging from a classic burger to salmon nicoise salad to a beautiful tuscan chicken sandwich.  All delicious!  Service was exceptional.  Wine was oh-so-satisfying and in case we haven’t mentioned it enough…the view was stunning!  This was my second time at The Wharf and it won’t be my last.  Next time, I’d like to try a romantic evening dinner and maybe even top it off with a stay at the hotel for a perfect “staycation” weekend getaway.

Interested in finding a property in Madison?  Maybe a beach house?  Search here! 

Hump Day Love: Beardsley Zoo

This week’s Hump Day Love is going out to a Connecticut staple, Beardsley Zoo.  Living in the Greater Hartford area, you sometimes forget about what other counties can offer especially as you get further and further towards NYC.  I’ve had many people tell me about how great Beardsley Zoo is and in my previous career in nonprofits, Beardsley Zoo was always a generous donor of auction items.  So, when we decided to do a family day we went to the Zoo.


On of its high points is that its quick.  We spent 2.5 hours there and got everything done including a mini picnic lunch and stopping for ice cream (we didn’t do the reptile show though).  The quickness means that it can be a morning or afternoon trip and holds the attention of a young child for just the right amount of time.  Also, most of the Zoo is under the shade, making a long walk on a hot day feel nice.  Also, its affordable.  Admission is low and we used our Big Y card, getting us a good discount.  If you plan ahead, most libraries offer complimentary museum passes and you can put them on reserve for when you want to go.

The low points for us are that it is far so for a quick trip, traveling that long is slightly frustrating.  There is only that 1 reptile show and for our 2 year old, reptiles in a big arena aren’t necessarily impressive so it would have been a benefit to see another show with larger animals.  Also, while sometimes the constant drink cart and ice cream cart can be annoying, there were no carts at the Zoo.  It’s central cafeteria offered everything.  To be able to pick up an ice cream in the middle of your walk rather than have to walk back around to the cafeteria would have been a nice treat.

Overall, it was a great day made evident by our son’s screams of “Back, back” as we were exiting the Zoo.

IMG_0290 IMG_0296

Take a day trip there and let us know what you think!  Do you live near there?  Do you go often?